Melodic minor scale construction

The melodic minor scale is one of the most commonly used in jazz. Constructing it is easy if you already know the major scale or the dorian mode. The C major scale is comprised of the following notes C D E F G A B. The melodic minor has the following C D Eb F G A B.  The only note that differs between the two scales is the third. The C major scale has a major 3rd (E) and the melodic minor scale has a minor 3rd (Eb) . Ex 1 shows the two scales up to the 15th fret.

Ex 2 is a comparison between the C dorian mode and the C melodic minor scale. Once again there is only one note difference between the two scales. This time its the 7th degree. The dorian contains the following notes C D Eb F G A Bb (minor 7th) and the melodic minor is C D Eb F G A B (major 7th).

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